The overriding objective of each facet of our ministry is to bring the hope of Jesus and lasting change to the youth of Lebanon. Young people participating in True Life programs are finding hope for today and a promise of eternal life.

Preschool Program

The children who attend the True Life preschool not only hear a Bible story four days out of the week, they also experience the heart of Jesus through their teachers and each other, as they are changed and grown in the truth of God. The kids are given a snack and lunch each day, participate in physical activity, make crafts, and are read to regularly. After attending our program, these children are no longer behind in education or life. They truly are beginning to experience True Life at an early age.

Mon-Thurs from 9AM to 12 noon during the school year.
Contact Courtney Hershey with any questions

Elementary School Program

Coming Soon - We are gearing up to start our new True Life Elementary Program in early 2021. If you have questions or want to be updated when we launch, email Senior Director of Programs, Nate Armstrong at

True Life Middle and High School Program

The focus of our Middle School and High School program is to build pockets of students in our city that are being transformed by Jesus. Therefore, we teach the Gospel of Jesus at our weekly service, explore the implications in our weekly Bible studies, and practice Christian living amongst our peers through community events and various trips. As students go through our program, we have the privilege of witnessing the Gospel go from their heads to their hearts, and ultimately lived out through their hands. Our goal is for youth in Lebanon City to experience True Life only found in Jesus Christ!

Meets Monday nights at 5:30 PM. For questions or additional information contact Student Life Director Ajay Kunarasa at or Student Life Director Asia Kunarasa at