Bologna Challenge

If your ball lands on the green after first shot you win! Prize is 3 bologna chubs that can be picked up at Banquet Hall after play.

Dixon Ball Challenge

  • One Dixon Earth golf ball is given to every tournament player, whether they participate in the Challenge or not.
  • There is an optional $10 donation to participate in the Challenge.
  • Each Challenge participant will receive several gift certificates including one for a free Golf Digest subscription for a year.
  • Each Challenge participant will also receive a mulligan on our hole for their donation. This gives them the opportunity to compare their ball to the Dixon Earth golf ball.
  • If either ball they hit lands on the green, then they win a sleeve of Dixon Earth Golf Balls.
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Aurelius Driver Challenge

Aurelius has donated a $350 Aurelius Emperor Driver or $500 Zovatti Watch that will be given out by a raffle at Lunch.
  • It is an optional $20 donation to play in this Challenge and enter the raffle
  • Each Challenge participant will receive over $150 in gift certificates just for donating, a raffle ticket & a second shot to test the Aurelius Driver.
  • Hula-hoops will be placed between 150 yards and 300 yards. If one of the two shots lands in a hula-hoop, the donor will receive an additional certificate for a custom $350 Aurelius Driver or a custom $500 Zovatti watch.