"Since 1945, we have been communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people."

LVYFC® was formed to create a fun gathering place for Christian young people to meet and be ministered to. Teenagers were encouraged to bring their friends who were not following Jesus. As the Gospel of Christ was being taught in an engaging, meaningful manner, many young people heard the Gospel for the first time. Others grew in their faith and became lifelong followers of Jesus.

Although kids from all across Lebanon County were coming to YFC®, very few were coming from Lebanon city. In the 90’s, drugs and crime began to flood our streets and racial tension increased. As people from large cities began to move to Lebanon, large city problems came with them. In response, YFC purchased a house in what was considered the worst part of town; one of our staff members moved into the house; an old condemned 3-story building was purchased and renovated into our City Headquarters; staff offices were moved there and urban missionaries were housed in the upstairs apartments; club for kindergarten through 5th graders was added, as well as an After School Program.

During this decade, God transformed our youth ministry into an urban ministry. We began reaching kids from broken families, many living in poverty and most from nonreligious families. The mission field was great, right in our own backyard. In 2013, after being in the Teen Center for 29 years, we moved the ministry to Lebanon City. That placed us in the neighborhood of the kids we ministered to. No longer did we need to transport kids from the city to us. Now, they could walk to us.

Our programs continue to be adjusted to best meet the needs of our students. Hot meals are provided during every club, the message of Jesus Christ continues to be shared, and a preschool for 3 and 4 year olds has been added. Our story continues as it began… Since 1945, Lebanon Valley Youth for Christ® has been communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people. An old YFC® slogan is still true today, “Geared to the times, anchored to the Rock.”

Our methods may have changed but our mission has remained constant- To build a community of young lives changed by Jesus Christ. Churches, businesses, families and individuals have supported this mission over the years. You are invited to join this wonderful story that God is writing. Together, we can make a difference both now and for eternity!

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Maybe you can’t change the world but you can help change one kid at a time. And that, will change their world! Be used by God to be an agent of change for eternity. To be a mentor, a spiritual shepherd, or behind-the-scenes hero

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